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How to deal with an angry ex during a divorce

You might have often heard the phrase ‘unpleasant divorce’, as in “Joe is going through a rather unpleasant divorce.” Did you ever stop to think what is it that made the divorce so unpleasant?

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10 Steps to a Successful Home Purchase

Do you want to buy a new home? If so, then welcome to a world of brokers, realtors, property ads, insurance agents, lawyers, sellers, and contractors! Is this too much for you? Purchasing property

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Tips for a healthy joint child custody arrangement

Going through a divorce might be hard for you but it is usually even more devastating for the children. More difficult than coming to terms with the reality of the divorce is the fact that they now ha

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What To Consider When Drafting A Will

Have you ever given any thought to drafting a will? Statistics suggest it’s more likely you might not have. Studies show that more than 55 percent of Americans above 45 years of age do not have a wi

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Should I Create A Trust Or A Will?

What’s better, a trust or a will? The answer might not be as simple as you think. For some people, a trust works better than a will and, for others, vice versa. There are no absolute rights or wrong

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